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I love ice cream!  Remember that little jingle that went:  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?  I could eat it three times a day and never get tired of it.  I like it any way you can get it.  Sundaes, cones, shakes, or just in a bowl.  I can’t say enough about ice cream. 

I know where all the cheap ice cream places are.  McDonalds has a great cone for just forty-nine cents and several flavors of sundaes for only $1.00.   Arbys has a great milkshake for $1.00.  Steak and Shake has its shakes half price during the afternoon.  I clip coupons for Kroger ice cream, too!   I love Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins and go there. 

My mom and dad used to make the best homemade peach and strawberry ice cream.  We had one of those old crank ice cream makers and my sister and I could not wait for it to freeze.

Are you an ice cream freak like me?  I am going to really celebrate this month.  How about you?


14 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the visits you have made.
    Judy I just adore ice cream but only have it as a treat as I am watching my waisteline. Although it hasn’t gone anywhere but once I start eating ice cream…..say no more.
    Hope you are well.

  2. Oh Judy—-I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream… Besides peanut butter, ice cream is my other favorite food….

    I will tell you a funny story.. When I was having so many stomach problems after my knee surgery (due to the meds), all I wanted was a vanilla milkshake… We got a delicious one at Sonic (since they had BOGO)…

    THEN–on another day, I heard that Wendy’s had their Frosties for $1…. I got George to drive me there and buy one. First of all, their $1 Frostie was in a tiny tiny cup –about 4 oz… The taste was HORRIBLE…. We both had to laugh that we drove there for their special… Never again!!!!!

    Yes—I love Ice cream.. My favorite flavor is Vanilla and Chocolate is my least fav… We do have a favorite variety right now… It’s Purity’s O’Charley’s Caramel Pie…. Talk about YUMMY.


  3. Leigh must get this from you! I love ice cream, but sometimes it is all she can think about… hahah!


  4. I LOVE Ice cream! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!


  5. I could eat my weight in ice cream!

  6. I apparently HAVE eaten my weight in ice cream!

  7. I love ice cream!!! have no weight problem – in fact lost 5 lbs during this last building and moving. I have a coke float or ice cream sundae – every evening.

  8. My favorite is Blue Bell, but no one sells it around here I got hooked on it when Lisa lived on Louisana. Ii’ve been making root beer floats. Ruby got me started on those. Yummy, I think I’ll go make one!

  9. I love ice-cream, it’s Ben and Jerrys for me, mmm just off to the ice box

  10. Had to come back for another comment. You should get a job with an ad agency, honestly! Every time I see the title of this post down there on the blog list on my blog, I’m off to the kitchen for another serving!

    We had a ferocious storm yesterday, lots of damage, and I had to grab my dogs and take refuge at a neighbor’s house. While we were sitting in the dark, she mentioned that since the power was out we should have an ice cream party before it all melted. I wowed both her and her husband with my knowledge that it was National Ice Cream Month–all thanks to your blog, Judy.

  11. Hi Judy…I loved this post…I just did a post on the same subject…who knew? I love butter pecan…a rich yellowish icecream that really tastes buttery with salty pecans..Yum!

  12. Hi, Judy. Ice cream is one of my favorite things in this world, especially this time of year. My favorite is chocolate mint, with Butterfinger ice cream a close second. I often turn to ice cream for comfort, as you might remember from my last post. 🙂

  13. I LOVE ICE CREAM! My favorite is Pralines and Cream from Baskins Robbins…..I have gained 20 pounds in a little over a year and B-K is the reason….well, partially….

  14. I am with you, I love ice cream, my favorite is Neapolitan and second is vanilla. Sadly I am diabetic so I can’t have it often. Thank you for coming by, have a nice week. Bet Tater Tot likes ice cream.

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