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I guess by now everyone has heard about the man in the picture, Ted Williams.  It is nice to hear a good story on the news once in a while. He does have a golden voice.  I saw his mother on t.v. this morning. That’s her in the other picture. She said she was very proud of him since he has been clean from drugs for over two years and now has gone from homeless to a job and a house to live in.

There seems to be a lot of bad things happening lately as well.  Two nights ago my daughters had all three vehicles ransacked while sitting outside their home.  The thieves must have been looking for money or credit cards because nothing was taken.  Not even the GPS system in their truck.  The sheriff told them several of their neighbors had the same thing happen and a stolen credit card from one vehicle was used in Tennessee yesterday morning.  It scares me because they live a good distance back from the road and someone had to be brave to come back their driveway.

A new Chick-fil-A is opening in a neighboring town and people have been camping outside the building for over two days to try to get a coupon good for a combo meal once a week for a year.  One lady was 74 years old and sleeping in a tent in the parking lot!

Sears is closing in my town.  It has been here for years and years. I hate to see it go.  That store is about the oldest one in my area.

Food prices are supposed to really go up in the first six months of this year.  Especially, cereals, meat, and dairy. I did an entire post on this on The Southern Lady Cooks blog the other day.

I am ready for spring already.  I want to plant a garden this year in my backyard.  I have several projects and flower beds I want to do in the spring.  I need to order seeds.

This is the worst time of the year for me when it comes to eating.  I just want to stay in the house and cook and stuff myself. I have to really watch or I will start gaining weight. 

I hope your New Year is going well.  Do you have lots of resolutions and things in mind for the months to come?

9 Responses

  1. so sorry about your daughter’s.
    guess I am the only one in the universe that lost weight during the holidays. doctor and tests said it was the sjogrens and stress. so working on it.

  2. How terrible about your daughter. That’s one reason why I always put my car in the garage.

  3. Hi Judy, That Ted Williams guy does have a fabulous speaking voice. It is nice to hear good stories, isn’t it?????

    Sorry about your daughters’ vehicles getting ransacked.. Glad they didn’t take anything–but it is scary to think that someone came that far away from the road….

    YES—prices of everything is going up: gas, food, etc. etc. etc…. Scary to think about it.

    No resolutions here.. Just trying to stay healthy.

  4. No where seems to be safe anymore, love to your daughters.

    I saw ted on the news this morning, he dose have a wonderful voice and well done to him for turning around his life.

    Same here with prices, our VAT has just gone up and the price of petrol doesn’t bare thinking about.

  5. Judy, just had to take time to say, I appreciate your friendship and prayers. I have no apprehensions at this point, other than being put out so deep. I will be there for 5 days or so, and have great help when I get home. Home health will be coming as well as my daughters and others for a few weeks anyway.

    Request to be Michelle Stafford’s friend on FB and she will keep you posted. She is my 1st granddaughter.

    Blessings and Hugs for a Happy New Year,


  6. That is a shame but people need food and some do it for drugs but that is no excuse. I saw Ted on the Today show, he has a wonderful voice. I suppose food prices will go up due to the awful weather on crops. Have a nice week.

  7. Oh dear, Judy, that is scary. I’m so sorry that your daughters had that happen. Years ago, we had a terrible and very frightening (they cut our telephone line) break-in. We also had a long driveway. The detective investigating told us that the very best deterrent to burglers (in the country, anyway) was to have a gate on your driveway. So we’ve had one ever since. It’s a bit of a pain to have to open and close it, but it’s been worth it for our peace of mind. It’s a shame we have to do that, though, because it also discourages our nice neighbors from visiting sometimes. A pity that we have to restrict our lives because of bad people.

  8. Lots of things to ponder in this post. My new year is off to a good start but I’m not about to brag for fear of jinxing it. My son lives in a nice neighborhood but several times a year the cars along the street are broken into and pilfered. He decided to leave his car unlocked so they won’t damage the car getting inside. It is scary to realize this is being done by someone who probably lives in their neighborhood.

  9. Sorry about the girls’ cars too. Thankful no one was hurt and nothing was stolen from them.

    You were really pondering the year in this one, weren’t you?! I am making monthly resolutions this year, instead of New Year’s. 2-3 realistic goals to try to meet in a month’s time. If I fail, then try again next month. This was how I lost 20 lbs and beat my addiction to Mtn. Dew 2 years ago! Anyway, I’m working on 3 things this month; losing 5 lbs., finishing a large crochet project, and baking a good loaf of sandwich bread. :o)

    I also ordered lots of the free seed catalogs. I am looking forward to having a new garden this year also, using discarded concrete blocks to make raised beds. When you work on your backyard garden, I’d love to see pictures!

    Many blessings to you and your lovely family,

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