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I had to do a post and tell you about my prize.  The lady in the picture is Balisha, my friend from Never Enough Time blogspot. Check out her blog!  Balisha is a poet, gardener, writer, and artist among many other things.  She is one talented lady.  Balisha is my friend and one of my favorite bloggers.  We tease each other about posts, my recipes on Southern Lady Cooks, (she didn’t think there was such a thing as chocolate gravy!), and e-mail jokes to each other.

Balisha recently did a post saying she was going to do a give-a-way at her place and it would be something she made. I know how talented she is and was hoping and hoping I could win her prize.  She put a piece of paper in a container for every comment and on her 1000th post, she drew out the winning name.  She posted the winner yesterday. I WON!

I am so excited and can’t wait to receive this item in the mail.  I am posting a picture below for you to see!  I just love her painting on slate. I will love and cherish it forever and give it a special place.


I have not posted on here for a while. I just can’t seem to keep up with both blogs like I used to.  The Southern Lady Cooks Facebook page now has 1140 people and grows a little every day.  If you are not on Facebook, you would have fun here.  We discuss everything from aprons to St. Patrick’s Day!

I had to tell you about my prize and how excited I am. Hope everyone is doing great and spring is near at your place. I am so ready for warm days and some sun on my face!

(Note: You can click on the picture of my prize to see all the little details Balisha added!)

10 Responses

  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you won!

  2. Judy, this is beautiful. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations, Judy…that is lovely! Balisha is very talented.

  4. Congratulation on winning, it looks like a very nice painting. Also congratulation on the 1140 people that is on your Southern Cooking face book.

  5. I know the thrill of winning a blog contest. Some of my most treasured possessions are from bloggers. Congratulations!

  6. Girl,
    You are the prize! I’m so glad to know you and glad you got the gold ring of winning your cooking contest.

  7. where are you these days? over on the cooking blog?


  9. Hi Judy, It’s May 25 and I have stopped by just to say HI… Looks like you have given up blogging and have gone to Facebook… That’s too bad. I think of you often and miss you… Love that picture of you.

    Please stay in touch.

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