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You all know how much I enjoy writing about Kentucky on this blog.  Karen Jones loves Kentucky and loves horses.  Read about her new book below!

Introducing SILENT PARTNER………….Set in Lexington, Kentucky, the story takes the reader on a journey through the trials and tribulations of recovering alcoholic, Jack Ramsden, a thoroughbred horse trainer who has a special young horse in his barn. Savant, a three year old colt, is about to become the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby, a fact that has given Jack new hope to turn his life around.

Jack’s life takes a surprise turn when he literally runs into a former lover, Katy Alexander. Katy is a feisty, smart, and good hearted woman with a strong determination to keep Jack at a distance. Jack finds himself totally smitten with Katy, and is equally as determined to make amends for having dumped her twenty odd years earlier, for Josephine Jackson, an ill tempered Texas heiress. Josephine made his life miserable for seventeen long years before she threw him out, and he returned to Kentucky with his best friend, Nate Washington, to pick up the pieces of his life. Nate, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, has stood by Jack through all of the ups and downs of his life. He is the only person who will tell Jack what he needs to hear, regardless of whether Jack wants to hear it or not. Their daily life in Jack’s small training operation is punctuated by the foul mouth of an African Gray parrot, along with a lazy German Shepherd, and a stray black cat that has an obsession with the bird.

Savant’s owner, Sid Blackstone, is a high roller with a big problem. He has mortgaged his Texas car empire and has entangled himself with some unsavory loan sharks, unbeknownst to his wife Bunny. A former Las Vegas showgirl, Bunny is clueless about Sid’s problems and enthralled with horse racing, which she knows virtually nothing about. When Sid disappears Bunny is thrown together with Jack to try to unravel the mystery behind the horse’s true ownership, a task that is complicated by the sudden attention of a handsome gangster named Louis Giovanni.

Together, with Katy and her best friends, Todd and Lauren Hendrickson, Jack, Nate, and Bunny attempt to keep Savant running, find out who really owns him, solve a murder, and find out what happened to Sid Blackstone. The story is full of plot twists, heartfelt friendships, good guys, bad guys, and a very cool horse. This book will make you laugh, draw a tear or two, and keep you guessing.

The book is now available on Amazon.com at here!!

Check out the great reviews on Amazon!

To learn more about Karen Jones and her novel, please visit: http://silentpartneronline.com/ 

This is Karen’s first novel. She is a friend of my family for many years.  You won’t be disappointed!



I love pottery! I have collected it for years along with other things. I guess I am just a collector…….

Bybee Pottery is located in the rolling hills of Madison County, Kentucky in the small town of Bybee. It has been in operation since pioneer days. This pottery is supposed to have been established and doing business as early as 1845.

The same processes are used today as were used over a century ago. The clay used is found in deposits about three miles from Bybee and is open-pit mined several feet beneath the rich Kentucky topsoil. History records show this same clay was mined by the first settlers of Kentucky and taken to Fort Boonesborough to be used in making crude dishes.

Bybee Pottery has a following around the world. The building is the “real deal” and remains today as it was when the business first started.

I have many pieces of this pottery and love to find a piece at a flea market, garage sale, or on e-bay where it brings a good price. I have even found a couple of pieces at the Goodwill. It comes in several different colors ranging from navy blue to regular blue to speckled and brown, gold, and even a sort of wine color. It is dishwasher safe and can be put in the oven. Bybee Pottery is usually marked on the bottom with a “BB” for Bybee or the words, “Bybee Pottery”.

I have heard rumors that the company is thinking of shutting its doors after all these years because the younger generation is not interested in taking over the business. If that happens, this pottery that is already collectible will probably become even more scarce in the future.

The pottery is sold in Middletown, Kentucky at “A Little Bit of Bybee” or click here: http://www.bybeepottery.com/.

My friends and family know that I collect this pottery and have given me many pieces over the years to add to my collection. I have a six place setting of the blue plates that I love and use it often for company. The plates are big and hold a lot of food. Most men like these plates for that reason!

The pictures are a few of my pieces.

I think it is great fun to have something you can look for when you go out or are interested in even if it is books, toys, jewelry or whatever gets you excited. My day is complete when I make a “find” and especially if it is a cheap “find”.