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I thought since it is so close to Halloween I would post some pictures taken by my son about seven months ago.  These are his words about this house in the photographs.

“As we were returning from Danville on a rain soaked Sunday afternoon I spotted the ruins of an old farm house on Danville Road just off US 27. I stopped to take a few pictures and wound up finding some of the most macabre imagery I have ever found in a ruin…”
There were vines overtaking the front columns on this deserted house and vines entangled the entrance.  English Ivy was growing into the foyer. 
The dolls were hanging with Christmas tree lights and cords from the ruined chandelier.  A turkey vulture was perched on the roof! 
I can’t believe he was in there taking pictures……..He said the place was really scary and he did not tarry long.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      You can view a video of this, also.  Just click here.



The U.S. Highway 127 Yard Sales started on 8/7/08 and end tomorrow on 8/10/08. This is the world’s longest yard sale and covers 654 miles!

It is headquartered in Jamestown, Tennessee but goes from West Unity, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people travel Highway 127 looking for bargains from homeowners, professional dealers and vendors.

It is practically impossible to cover the entire route in 4 days.

I live one mile off Highway 127 in Frankfort, Kentucky and believe me you would not know there is a gas shortage if you traveled this road this past week near me.

Several vendors started setting up tents, campers, tables, etc. as far back as Monday this past week.

I have been out several days looking over sale items but I usually hit the yard sales in the neighborhoods bordering Highway 127. I have found in years past that I find the best bargains are from homeowners in the vicinity. A lot of the stuff along the highway is junk as far as I am concerned and nothing I would be interested in buying.

I ventured across 127 this past Thursday and found that several homeowners in one large subdivision was getting ahead of the crowd and was open for business. I found some nice items at bargain prices.

I collect Bybee Pottery and found two pieces in perfect shape for $6.50 total cost of the two.

Then I found a diet book by Dr. Oz. He is on the Oprah show quite often and has written several books. I have his book on aging but did not have the one on dieting. I got the book for $2.00.

I think the best buy I made on my trek through all the sales, garages, yards, and booths was a big red Radio Flyer wagon for my grandson, Thomas Wyatt. The lady said they had used it one time at the state fair to haul their granddaughter around the fairgrounds. It cost me $10.00.

I also found Thomas Wyatt some great new toys. He has grown tired of the ones he plays with at Nanna Juju’s house and was in dire need of a few new and more challenging play things!

I took his old toys and put them in bags in the closet and replaced them with the new ones in the little wash stand where his toys reside at my house. He will be so surprised when he visits and sees all the new ones replacing his old toys. He is only 13 months and I can only imagine the look on his face.

The weather here has been in the high 70s and low 80s and just a wonderful weekend to have this yearly event. Cars have been lined up along the highway for miles on both sides today.
If you like yard sales and flea markets this is one event you should not miss. I am fortunate that I can run up the road and be on Highway 127 and spend an entire day looking within a 15 mile span of highway.