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It has been a while since I have done a post on this blog.  I am having a hard time posting here and on The Southern Lady Cooks, too.  The fan page on Facebook now has 813 fans so it keeps me busy writing blog posts, cooking, getting new recipes together and posting both places.  I love to cook and I enjoy the Facebook page so I spend more time there these days.  So whether you like to cook or not, there are lots of good articles on the cooking blog and things to comment on. Today,  we are doing funny food stories over there, so click on the link above and tell your story and read the comments of some of my readers.

Anyway, I checked my friend Balisha’s blog this morning, Never Enough Time, and she has a post about the movie, Secretariat.  I have wanted to see this movie since it came out.  I had it on my Netflix list for months and behold it came today!  I watched it the minute I got it.

If you have not seen this movie be sure and watch it.  It is a wonderful movie.  I could watch it again right now and I just saw it today!  A lot of the scenes are filmed in Kentucky and several people I know were extras and such.  The scene where the horse runs the Belmont was filmed at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington about 30 minutes away from my house. I know you are going to love it.


I posted this picture in my previous post about 10 things I like. Some of you have asked what the story is behind the picture.

 The picture is of me, the actor, Keenan Wynn, and a friend of mine.  I was nineteen years old in this photo.  I had graduated high school and was living in an apartment complex behind the new Holiday Inn in my town. I had just started working for Kentucky State Government. (Look at that teased big hair!)

The movie, The Great Race, a slapstick  comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Peter Falk, Keenan Wynn, Arthur O’Connell and Vivian Vance was being made about the first around the world automobile race. They filmed parts of the movie in my hometown in Kentucky.

The entire cast and crew stayed at the new Holiday Inn.  In fact, they took over the entire place for the duration of the filming. 

One evening a friend stopped by my apartment and told my roommate and me there was a party going on next door at the Holiday Inn.  We walked over and someone outside invited us to come into the party.  We found out later the person that invited us in was a stunt man with the movie.  We met the entire cast that night.  We were two starstruck teenagers excited to death.  Natalie Wood was absolutely beautiful.  Peter Falk acted just like he did when he played Columbo on television. Jack Lemmon was drunk every time I saw him.  Keenan Wynn was one of the nicest people you would ever meet and Tony Curtis was so good looking.  Tony Curtis would have been thirty nine at this time and he was married to Christine Kaufmann.  I think she was nineteen and she was gorgeous.  She was with him at the party.  We had a great time and just about fainted when Keenan Wynn told us he would take us to the movie lot with him in his limo the next morning if we were outside the Holiday Inn at a certain time.  My roommate said there was no way she could get off work but I called my boss and he let me off along with my co-worker that is in the picture.

True to his word Mr. Wynn let us ride in his limo in the back seat with him to the movie set.  I remember we stopped on the Main Street of my town and he jumped out and ran into a shoe store and bought a pair of sneakers to wear that day.  Each time he got a break from his part of the filming he would come over and stand with us and explain what was going on with the actors, etc.  We thought we had died and gone to heaven!  That evening we were brought back to the Holiday Inn and never saw any of them again except in the movies or if we saw them around town before they finished filming.  The picture was taken by a photographer on the set.

The movie came out in 1965 and was considered a flop at the box office but later became sort of a cult film. 

I am sure a lot of people don’t remember this movie or the actors.  Here is a poster advertising the movie and that is the story of how I met Keenan Wynn, the actor! 


I got notes from several of you saying the picture did not load on my previous post.  So, I deleted that one and replaced it with this one.

First of all, it has been very cold here over the weekend.  I turned the heat on yesterday for the first time this year.  We got some drizzle but we still need rain bad.  When the weather starts to get cold all I can think about is cooking and eating, making soups, breads, and comfort food.  I feel like my summer jobs are over and now all I want to do is curl up with a good book and a comforter.

Here is your question.  If you coud be a character from any book you have ever read or any movie you have ever seen, who would it be and why?

I think I would be Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind!  I loved the book and the movie and I loved Clark Gabel and Rhett Butler.  When I was a young girl, I dreamed of the plantations in the old South.  Margaret Mitchell and Frank Yerby were my favorite authors. 

Now, it’s your turn.   Have a good week.


Do you have a favorite movie or maybe several that really made an impression on you?  My girls will watch a movie over and over if they like it.  I have never been that bad but I do have a few that I might call favorites.  I tend to like movies that are true stories or are about Kentucky.    I joined Netflix a while ago and have really enjoyed watching a couple of movies each week.

I will post a few of my favorites and hope that you will do the same.  That way, I can put yours on my list to watch.  Some of mine are older movies and you may be seen them already but here goes:


Set in 1907 in the Appalachian mountains, director Maggie Greenwald’s SONGCATCHER tells the story of Doctor Lily Penleric (Janet McTeer), a musicologist trying hard to reach the next rung in her academic career. She goes to visit her sister, Elna, who lives in a rural coal mining town, and discovers that the local musicians play traditional folk music that they learned from their ancestors in Ireland and Scotland. A gorgeous portrait of music, romance, and history, this film won the Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Cast at Sundance 2000.


A lot of this movie was filmed in Kentucky in and around Lexington.  There are beautiful scenes of our horse farms throughout the movie.  It is based on a true story.

Ben Crane was once a great horseman, whose gifts as a trainer, were wasted on making other men’s fortunes. Sonya was once a great horse, whose promising career on the racetrack was cut short, suddenly, by a broken leg. Considered as good as dead to her owner–who also happens to be Ben’s boss–Sonya is given to Ben as his severance pay, along with his walking papers. Now, it will take the unwavering faith and determination of Ben’s young daughter, Cale, to bring these two damaged souls together in a quest for a seemingly impossible goal: to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic. However, the true miracle might be that, in helping this injured horse, what they are actually healing is their own family


Director Barbara Kopple’s film about the 1973 coal miners’ strike in Harlan County, Ky., won a Best Documentary Oscar and was selected for the National Film Registry. Highlighting the struggles of families living in shacks with no indoor plumbing and enduring hazardous working conditions, the film details the conflict between the Eastover Mining Co. and the laborers determined to join the United Mine Workers of America.


A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash’s life, from his early days on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

Now it’s your turn!  I could come up with more but that’s enough for today.  Let me hear from you!


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