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According to the March 2009 issue of Prevention Magazine there are seven super spices that just might minimize the aging process. These spices could also help with diabetes. The University of Georgia findings show that the antioxidants in these spices help to block compounds associated with aging and may inhibit tissue damage caused by high levels of blood sugar.
I have always been a great fan of spices and love spiced tea. My spice cabinet runneth over. I add spices to most dishes I make in my kitchen.
Below is a list of the seven super spices that fight aging along with brief paragraph about each one and other healthy uses recommended by herbalists.

Cloves – Used to treat indigestion, diarrhea, hernia, and ringworm, as well as athlete’s food and other fungal infections and toothaches. This spice has antioxidants that help prevent cell damage that eventually causes cancer.
Try in cakes and bread for a spicy sweetness.

Allspice – The consumption of allspice with meals results in stronger digestion, reduces gas and bloating, and can ease nausea. It also has blood sugar regulating effects, and controls appetite.

Add to ground beef for unexpected twist to hamburgers or meat loaf.

Sage – Useful in treating diarrhea, colds, and excessive perspiration, hot flashes, to dry up phlegm, and you can gargle with the tea to treat coughs and tonsil or throat infections. It can
be used as a hair rinse for dandruff, oily hair, or infections of the scalp. It reportedly restores color to gray or white hair.
Try in tomato sauce recipes.

Oregano – This herb has been used to relieve bloating, gas, urinary tract problems, painful menstruation, rheumatoid arthritis, and swollen glands.
Great on homemade garlic bread or pizza.

Thyme – Used for respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma. An easy homemade remedy can be made by finely chopping thyme with a spoon of local honey. It soothes the lungs and air passages. Can be used in baths for neurasthenia, rheumatism, paralysis, bruises, swellings, and sprains. In a salve it is helpful for shingles. Use in scrambled eggs for a flavor boost.

Marjoram – Great for blood circulation, water retention,muscle spasms, fatigue, insomnia. Use in tomato soups, sauces, oriental salads.

Cinnamon – helps ward off diabetes, good for heart health, has anti-inflammatory qualities and helps reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Try on whole wheat toast drizzled with honey.

So now we can be younger and cure all our ills with just a few simple spices.

Evidence shows the use of herbs and spices dates back to before recorded history and has been passed from one generation to another. My mother used to drink sassafras tea and thought it to be medicinal. I hated the taste of that tea.

Do you use spices in your recipes or have one special spice you like better than others? Do you think spices are medicinal and can cure certain ailments?